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PRO Elite Team Membership 

Full send ahead! If you are a competitive athlete looking to not only become part of our club, but also benefit from running competitively, we'd love to sponsor you. Along with the 25% off annual run club in store and online product discount, you will also receive a PRO race jersey when signing up for the Elite membership. 

In order for us to make sure you're legit, after checking out online, you'll receive an additional email where you will submit your qualifying races into a form where we will verify your elite status. Once verified, you'll receive a code to check out for your free jersey and will become an official PRO ELITE RACE TEAM MEMBER. 

 Qualifying Elite Times:
5K (m) 16:45 (w) 19:00
8K (m) 28:00 (w) 32:00
10K (m) 35:00 (w) 40:00
13.1 (m) 1:18:00 (w) 1:27:00
26.2 (m) 2:45:00 (w) 3:05:00
26.2+/ultra Based on individual and course times. 

After signing up you will receive an email with a link to select your race singlet size along with an invite to our kick-off event.

The picture is an example from previous years. The 2024 welcome kit will be different.