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What to Wear for Winter Running


Not sure how to dress for running in these cold Wisconsin winter days? We've got you covered.. literally.

Layering is your best friend. We'll start with the "warmer" temps and work our way down. 

If it's in the 50's outside you don't need as much as you think. Grab a wicking short sleeve and a pair of running shorts or leggings. You can add a light mid-layer or jacket if it's windy, but be prepared to tie it around your waist mid-run!

If it's 40 degrees outside, switch out that short sleeve for a long sleeve and add a headband if your ears tend to get cold. If it's in the lower 40's or you like to run warm, swap out the shorts for tights and add some lightweight gloves. If there's a strong wind or some rain, add on a lightweight jacket.

If it's 30 degrees outside, grab an insulating base layer made of a warmer fabric and a hat that covers the ears (heat escapes from your head!) When the winds are gusting and cold, add in a buff neck warmer. If you have a warmer winter running jacket you can probably get by with a wicking tee under it or lighter long sleeve. On the bottom, some people like to upgrade to a fleece lined tight or one with some wind protection. once they're in the low 30's. You'll want to keep those gloves on and use a convertible mitt if they have one! Guys - get some wind briefs and you'll be happier and able to run farther!

Below freezing isn't so bad if you have the right gear. Grab your warmest base layer or wear two. Add on a winter running jacket that blocks wind. Pull on those fleece lined tights and tall wool socks. If you're looking to go the extra mile, get a pair of winterized running shoes - they'll give you extra grip and water protection for those cold slush puddles. Don't forget the hat and buff neck warmer.

Running in the dark? Add some reflective gear and a headlamp or hand-held light.

Icy Roads? Grab some yaktrax shoe grips or a pair of winterized trail shoes.

Winter running is fun with the right gear! Stop into any PRO location and we're happy to help you find the best gear for your needs.


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